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SAV Digital Environments Social Media Presence
Having a social media presence not only generates more leads through SEO, but connects clients with the brand and offerings, serving them on a higher level. Clients are able to communicate and engage on-demand, and using social media as a marketing tool can help grow the brand, especially when it comes to targeted social media campaigns and advertising. Brand awareness is a key ingredient to success, and social media is near the top!

Similar to social media, having an active blog makes it easier to connect with clients, and prospective employees, offering fresh and relevant content.


SoundHound Social Media Presence
SoundHound features three to six artists a week in-app, whether they're an artist climbing up the charts, a featured video or a breakout artist, there's always fresh content... and we always create social media posts for them. Beyond these features, we create content for various other events from concerts to award shows like the Grammys.

App Store presence

Each release we update our screenshots to represent the freshest content across 17 geographic locations on both iOS and Android.