Project // Master of Fine Arts Thesis

We are at a turning point in civilization right now as it pertains to current energy, alternative energy, and our environment. For my MFA Thesis at the Academy of Art, I set out on a task to take an in-depth study of these subjects so that I could then help communicate the understanding of a new economy and the pathways to it. It provides the necessary communicative elements while offering fresh insights that generates inspiration in others.

Project // Typographic Specimens
Class // Typography II

Since 1989, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones have helped some of the world's foremost publications, corporations, and institutions develop their unique voice through typography. Their body of work includes some of the world's most famous designs, typefaces marked by both high performance and high style.

Project // Representative Music Poster
Class // Experimental Typography

For one of our projects in experimental typography at the academy we had to create a poster representing a song without using the computer except to lay out and print. I chose the song "God Called in Sick Today" by AFI. For me the song represents God taking a day off to show humanity that we need his forgiveness and how the world will begin to crumble without his love. My image-capturing techniques included rubdown lettering, transluscent film, colored vellum, projectors and of course a camera.


While at Pentagram I was given a unique opportunity to see and participate in projects ranging from identity and large graphic systems to posters, publications, packaging and exhibits. This exposure has given me a new appreciation for marrying the discipline of design to solving a myriad of design challenges. Not only was the learning experience extraordinary, but the exposure to process and the balance of client and designer relationships was unparalleled. Here are a few select projects I was fortunate enough to work on with very talented and creative designers. These are not my designs, they are examples of projects I was exposed to and helped with while interning.

Client // California Academy of Sciences
Project // Rebrand
Lead Designer // Laura Scott
Creative Director // Kit Hinrichs

Client // PG&E
Project // Annual Report
Lead Designer // Belle Howe
Creative Director // Kit Hinrichs

Client // Tragon Corporation
Project // Corporate book, stationary and booth
Lead Designer // Erika Wilcott
Creative Director // Kit Hinrichs