The SoundHound music search & discovery app has over 300MM downloads worldwide and I have conceptualized and put together hundreds of experiences over the years. In March 2016 we launched a new voice search and assistant app, Hound, which has gained momentous traction and attention. A lot of collaboration is involved from project to project and I don't want to forget to give a shout out to the wonderful team I work with at SoundHound Inc. Please see my Art Direction section for credits.


Experience // Seasonal Masthead Illustrations
Creating custom illustrations for seasons and holidays throughout the year, keeping the home feed mastheads fresh, fun and inviting.

Experience // Holiday Masthead Illustrations


Experience // SoundHound World Music Map
Driving users to view music being discovered around them or to see what they've personally discovered.

Experience // SoundHound Music Charts
Driving users to view the hottest music being discovered world wide.

Experience // SoundHound Music Player
Driving users to use the SoundHound Music Player so they can see their music with LiveLyrics®

Event // Father's Day 2016

Event // 2016 Grammy awards

Event // Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

Event // Festival d'été de Québec
Location // Quebec
Sponsor // Apple Music

Event // VELD Music Festival
Location // Toronto
Sponsor // Apple Music