My photography is very experimental without focusing on any specific genre. When a photograph is needed to be taken professionally, like a headshot, for a special project or as simple as a portfolio piece, I take them. But in general I simply take pictures of things that catch my eye.


Food & Drink



Outdoors & Plantlife

Creative & Still Life


Pottery and sculpture is one of my favorite things to do. From creating functional pieces or unique shapes to messing with firing techniques and glazes, I simply forget about everything else and fall into almost a zen-like state of mind. Unfortunately time and resources aren't abundant right now, but I feel fortunate to have learned the art of pottery and look forward to returning to it again some day.

Digital Fine Art

My digital fine art is meant to invoke thinking through the visual sense. The images visually represent a synthesis through the layering of various objects, textures, photography and more. Taking a person on a visual journey, each piece embraces the viewer and stirs their minds emotionally, imaginatively and psychologically.

Abstract Art

My fine art isn't that strong, I know this. But I really enjoyed creating them which is sometimes all that matters.