Designing logos and developing brands is one of my favorite things to do. Here are a select few of my favorites.


Business Cards


Placed on highway 101 South leaving San Francisco from Thanksgiving 2014 through Christmas, this billboard was meant to do three things... peak curiosity in people unfamiliar with what SoundHound is and drive more downloads, remind current users to use SoundHound to discover new music over the holidays and last but not least attract new talent.

Simply Hired

Business Cards and Embossed Folder

I worked at Simply Hired for 3 years and in that time I created about 4 dozen pieces of collateral and over a dozen reports and white papers, all containing info graphics and quantitative data.

Hack Day Posters
Simply Hired held it's first hack day in 2011, a 24 hr event open to any employee (not just programmers), and could be virtually anything. My hack was to create these posters prior to the event to inspire everyone to participate. Inevitably we had over 60 employees participate and I took 1st place in the inspirational category.

Conference Room Signage
After moving into a larger space, I advised the overall design and aesthetics of the new space. Simply Hired likes to inject humor into their everyday lifestyle, and of course Simply Hired is a job search engine, so for conference room signage I created a dozen pieces based on places of employment.


Annual Reports
Here are a couple select annual reports I've worked on, The Union Bank of California and AXT (a company who manufactures compound semiconductor substrates).

Illustrative Metaphor Book
This fun and creative project was designed by myself and an other designer while freelancing for Twist Studio in San Francisco. The client was Aspire Public Schools (the nation's top-performing large school systems serving predominantly low-income students). This book was given out to Aspire educators as a fun lesson guide. The metaphor was "relating a new school year to hosting your first Thanksgiving."