SAV Digital Environments
SAV Digital Environments is the leading technology design firm that procures and deploys high-end home and small enterprise networks, automated "intelligent" environments, audio video systems, lighting and shade control, security and surveillance, energy management systems and more. I was hired on as their Director of Marketing, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Brand & Business Development Manager in March 2017. I know, it's a mouth full, so my official title is Director of Quality & Customer.


Soundhound inc.

SoundHound Inc. is an audio recognition and cognition company. It develops sound-recognition and sound-search technologies. Its feature product is a music recognition mobile app called SoundHound. In 2015, it released two new products, a voice-recognition virtual assistant mobile app called Hound and a voice-enabled developer platform called Houndify.

Houndify homepage hero
Houndify is the SoundHound Inc. developer platform that enables anyone to seamlessly create a smart, voice-enabled, conversational interface using our Speech-to-Meaning technology.

SoundHound Emails
Any major release or substantial event, SoundHound sends an email out to millions of registered users worldwide.

cook! SF

I worked on the Cook! SF website while freelancing for Twist Studio in San Francisco with Creative Director Suzanne Nason. My main task was to help Suzanne make her vision a reality. In the end, we had a very happy customer.

Simply Hired

As a Graphic Designer in product and marketing, my goal was to not only design compelling graphic elements for product pages and email campaigns, but to follow important UI and UX design principles that would take their pages to a more sophisticated level.

Simply Hired Emails
Many sponsored partnerships running throughout the Simply Hired website were accompanied by direct email campaigns to assist in finding top talent.